Grand Bay Parish

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  • Lay Ministers
    Minnie Hilliard, Llm
    Elizabeth Carter, Llm
    Linda Kendell, Llm
    Harry Coates, Llm
  • Music
    Judith Coates
  • Vestry 2018-2019
    Priest's Warden: Jim Hilliard
    People's Warden: Shirley Fountain
    Secretary: Minnie Hilliard
    Treasurer: Arlene Samms
    Parish Rep: Minnie Hilliard
    Property: Lizzy Carter
    Outreach: Joan Hilliard
    Youth and Ed.: Linda Kendell and Rhea Hilliard
    Members at Large: Greta Collier, Stephen Hilliard, Jean English, Valerie Collier, Patricia Samms, Mona Collier
    Envelope Recorder: Elizabeth Evans
    Synod Delegate: Jean English

Holy Trinity, Codroy

Welcome to Holy Trinity. A Gothic-style wood church, Holy Trinity serves the community of Codroy in which it resides. Holy Trinity was re-built in 1913 to replace the 1906 church destroyed in a wind storm in 1912. Holy Trinity is a registered heritage structure. Services are every Sunday at 11:00 am or 2:00 pm with the liturgy taken from the Book of Alternative Services, Morning Prayer or Holy Eucharist. (see service schedule page under worship for particulars) Regardless of your denomination, we invite you to join us in a service of spiritual renewal towards the emulation of Jesus life through his presence, words and works.

Codroy is a community in the Codroy Valley. It is a village with about 50 inhabitants with most living in homes along Newfoundland and Labrador Route 406, the main road in town. The village was part of the a settlement process that occurred began with English settlers in 1822, but between 1820s to 1840s saw migration of Acadians, Irish Catholics as well. The village name is believed to be a combination of the word 'cod' (for fish found around Codroy) and French word 'Roi' or king.

Codroy Island is actually connected to the mainland by a narrow spit and shelters Codroy Harbour. Point Rosee, which may have been the location of a Norse settlement, is nearby, as is the Grand Codroy Estuary.
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Holy Trinity | Grand Bay
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