Grand Bay Parish

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  • Deacon
    Rev. Effie Hewitt
  • Lay Ministers
    George Gillam, L.Lm
    Mary Dowding, L.Lm
    Samuel Keeping, L.Lm
    Justin Short, L.Lm
  • Music
    Lori Billard
  • Vestry 2017-2018
    Priest's Warden: George Gillam
    People's Warden: Samuel Keeping
    Secretary: Sue Osmond
    Treasurer: Mary Dowding
    Parish Rep: Rev. Effie Hewitt
    Property: Gordon Matthews
    Cemetery: Samuel Keeping
    Worship: Linda McIsaac
    Outreach: Vacant
    Youth: April Young
    Members at Large: Vera Janes, Norma Simms, Pauline Samms, Glen Sheaves, Brenda Anderson, Lorna Sheaves, Doreen Dowding
    Envelope Recorder: Mary Dowding

St Paul's, Grand Bay

Welcome to St. Paul’s. A contemporary-style church, St. Paul’s serves the community of Grand Bay in which it resides. Services are every Sunday at 11:00 am with the liturgy taken from the Book of Alternative Services, Morning Prayer or Holy Eucharist. (see service schedule page under worship for particulars) Regardless of your denomination, we invite you to join us in a service of spiritual renewal towards the emulation of Jesus life through his presence, words and works.

Grand Bay is a small bay immediately to the west of Channel-Port aux Basques. Two communities line the bay, on the east is Grand Bay East and on the west, Grand Bay West. Grand Bay first appeared on Captain James Cook's 1766 chart of the south coast of Newfoundland. It was the landing place for Micmac and French groups who crossed the Cabot Strait in the early 18th century in contravention of the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht (1713).
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St. Paul's | Grand Bay
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