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Mercy Ships

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Faith In Action

Following in the footsteps of the St. Paul’s confirmation class, who also raised money for this very worthy cause, St. Paul’s pre-confirmation class raised over seven hundred dollars for Mercy Ships. In an authentic imitation of the Gospels, this money will go to literally change the lives of the most vulnerable in our society, the forgotten poor.
Many thanks to all the teachers and confirmation classes this year for their compassion and hard work in raising money for Mercy Ships..
Pre-Confirmation class from left to right: Cara Leamon (teacher), Leah, Chloe, Owen, Jenna, Ashley, and Carla Buttery (teacher)
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Mercy Ships Canada resources surgery related programs that bring hope and healing to those who have limited access to healthcare.

Who we are
We are a team of nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other crew members from all over the world, donating our time to help on board the world’s largest non-governmental floating hospital. As a floating hospital, we can sail directly to some of the world’s poorest people to deliver life-saving medical care and provide safe, state-of-the-art facilities in which to treat them. Our supporters are a vital part of the team, paying for essential medical supplies and ship repairs. Together, we have helped transform the lives of more than 2.42 million people in the poorest countries of the world since 1978.

The Need
(little income - little hope)
Up to 69% of citizens in Sub-Saharan African nations like Togo and Guinea live on less than $2 per day. Healthcare is simply not an option, either because it does not exist or it is completely unaffordable. In low-income countries, it is estimated that 85% of children need treatment for a surgical condition before the age of 15. Lack of treatment or a sometimes simple surgical solution often leads to complications, lifelong disability or death. Globally, five billion people have no access to safe surgery. In low-income and lower-middle-income countries, nine out of ten people have no access to basic surgical care. But don’t let the statistics numb you. Because behind every number there is a name, a face, and a story. They will break your heart, but they will inspire you to take action—as Mercy Ships volunteers have for more than 35 years.

The Solution
Over 50% of the population lives within 100 miles of the coast. Many nations lack clean water, reliable electricity, medical facilities and personnel. Our ships deliver a state-of-the-art hospital to port cities, providing a controlled, safe and clean environment for patients—and volunteers. transcending borders and changing lives. Mercy Ships began sailing on our mission to provide hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor in 1978. Each year, we’ve been able to reach more people to provide life-changing surgeries. In 2016 Mercy Ships surgeons performed 1,682 surgeries for adult and child patients, 1017 Ponseti club foot procedures, treated 7,547 dental patients and supported 48 palliative care patients. Every port brings new challenges, new successes—and new lives transformed forever.

Leaving a lasting impact
(healing continues long after the ship departs)
Mercy Ships seeks to leave the host nation better equipped with the training, tools, and infrastructure to care for their own.
Healthcare workers in the developing world often lack adequate facilities to serve their communities. Medical administrators with limited resources may have to choose between infrastructure development or maintenance and paying their workers. Collaborating with local healthcare partners, Mercy Ships provides construction and renovation services that enhance local healthcare resources.

Desiring to follow the model of Jesus, we seek to:
- Love God
- Love and serve others
- Be people of integrity
- Be people of excellence in all we say and do
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Mercy Ships | Grand Bay
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